Inspire Records

Inspire Records

Signing with a record label is always on the list of goals for any artist but ensuring you are signing with the right label is always going to be the challenge.

It’s important to make sure that the label you sign with is the right fit for you.

We have listed some reasons below as to why we are different from major labels and why Inspire Records has been launched:

We respect your music

When you sign to a major label, you will often find that you are pressurised into changing elements of your sound, your image and quite worryingly, your control.

As we are an independent label, signing with us means we work together as a partnership to ensure that you as an individual are happy with the progress and plan that we make. There is no pressure or expectations put on you to change. Signing with us means that we respect your music, have faith in you as an artist and are dedicated to helping you achieve.

You become part our music family

We believe that the most successful working relationships are the most personable ones. Being independent means that we are able to have an open door policy and will always make time for you as an individual. Closer communication with us is easily attainable than that of a major label and we believe this works far better when working towards goals.

Artist friendly

As artists ourselves we know that we would never sign a deal that took away the majority of our control. We would never sign a deal that took away the majority of our money. This is why we don’t offer those sorts of contracts. Yes, we have to make money as every business does, but our deals are more favourable than those of major labels and always have the best interest of the artist in mind.

Inspire Records is here to help emerging artists begin their journey in the music industry. Whether you are just starting out or getting established but looking for the next step in your career we can help with progression and we would love to hear from you.

Contact us for a free consultancy call via our website and see how we can help you.